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That depends on the image or clip you've selected. Most creative stock photos, illustrations, vectors and video clips come with a royalty-free RF licence.

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This type of license allows you to use a file for advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, video productions, podcasts and more, as many times as you want, worldwide within the terms of our content license agreement. Note: RF images with a yellow "Editorial use only" banner cannot be used for commercial, promotional, advertorial or endorsement purposes.

You can use filters to exclude these images from your results. Rights-managed editorial images and rights-ready video clipson the other hand, are based on how, where and for how long you will use the content. Since you're paying only for that specific use, you can't use the image or video in additional projects without purchasing additional licences. Our award-winning photographers and filmmakers help customers across the globe create inspiring communications every day.

getty images contributor

Find out how to join us. If you are an existing contributor and need support, please visit our Contributor Community website.

Please note that not all Getty Images collections are represented by your local office. For more information, please contact: Guliver Image d. For more information, please contact: Gallo Images Poland Sp. Thank you! There was an error processing your request.

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Please try again later. Customer support. How do I purchase a single image, video, or music clip license? If you don't have a prepaid download pack or a Premium Access agreement, you can pay as you go. Just click on your chosen asset and add it to your cart. Once you complete your purchase, simply click the Download button to get your file. More about downloading. Do you offer discount pricing for purchasing multiple assets? Prepaid packs let you stock up and save on royalty-free images, video clips and editorial images.Right from the off, it's important to note that uploading work to Getty Images is not for everyone.

From an anecdotal perspective, there are many photographers - professional and otherwise - who claim to have seen outstanding success through Getty, and an equal number of detractors on the other side of the line who feel it's doing a disservice to honest, hardworking photographers. That's no small feat, and it has arguably become a useful resource for anyone trying to purchase stock images. But the question today isn't whether it is a positive or negative force in the industry - it's whether image creators can get in on the cash flow, and if so, to what extent.

The problem here, and a big consideration you should take into account before signing up with Getty, is that average earning figures vary wildly from one photographer to the next and given that no official figures have been released by Getty in recent years, all we have to go off are discussions in photography forums.

On the face of it, this sounds brilliant. Unfortunately, if it was that easy everyone would be furiously uploading images to Getty even non-photographers, probably. Don't forget that you'll generally need to pay income tax on these earnings, of course, and PayPal will also take a bite of the cherry on its way from Getty's side to your account.

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Contact Email Newsletter. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. Next Page 2.With Custom Content, you can tap into our global community of photographers and videographers to source visuals shot to your brand standards and project specifications.

getty images contributor

What is the benefit of teaming up with Getty Images for Custom Content versus hiring my own photographer or videographer? Can I include my product or logo in a Custom Content brief? Our creators will capture your product or logo in the settings and locations that best tell your story. Once your brief has been approved by our creative team, you can expect a quick turnaround time of approximately 4 weeks.

What is the process for receiving Custom Content-from brief to delivery? The first step is working with your sales representative to choose a subscription that best fits your content requirements. Are there limits on where I can share my Custom Content images and videos?

What about usage rights? Not subscribed? Contact us. Sign in. Put Getty Images to work for your brand.

getty images contributor

On Brand. On Budget. On Demand. Our Recent Work. Frequently Asked Questions. What if I want specific locations included? How quickly can I receive the content? Pro Tip : Share visual references! Contact your sales representative or.At Getty Images, our mission is to move the world with images. We're here to help you make your creative mark and bring home earnings from your photos, videos and illustrations.

The Getty Images brand includes Getty Images and iStockcustomers' first choice for high quality imagery. Download our app to join our talented community of creative contributors at Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images.

If you're interested in contributing in other areas, please review our application process. News, sport, or entertainment Archive Music. Getty Images and iStock serve over 1. As the industry leader, we have the largest global distribution network — giving you greater opportunities to have your content seen and licensed around the world.

We work with a community of overtalented contributors, from beginners to full-time professional artists. Our photographers, filmmakers, and illustrators help our customers across the globe tell inspiring stories through imagery.

Moving the world with images

When our customers find the imagery they want, they purchase a license that allows them to download your file for their personal or commercial purposes based on the terms of the content license agreement.

Customers can use your imagery in advertising, marketing, apps, websites, social media, TV and film, presentations, newspapers, magazines, books, and product packaging, among hundreds of other uses. For each license a customer purchases, contributors earn a royalty, which is a percentage of the price paid by the customer.

Earnings can differ, but, the more content you have in your portfolio that customers need, the more opportunities you'll have to gain earnings. We make it easy for contributors to shoot what customers need most — which leads to more downloads and better revenue opportunities. As a contributor, you'll have access to our creative briefs, which describe content our customers want. Our most popular content depicts many concepts: togetherness, innovation, love, and collaboration, to name a few examples.

Think about the stories your content can help illustrate. The more universal their appeal, the more likely it is that your content will be in demand.

getty images contributor

Make sure the content you submit doesn't contain copyrighted or trademarked materials.Contributor by Getty Images makes it easy for creative photographers to apply to become contributors, submit images, access briefs and more for Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images.

Live being able to submit via my iPad now which is where I do all of my editing now. A quick look from within the app before I submit would be great. I love the app and being able to upload off of my phone. I would give more stars if I could upload editorial or be able to paste a set of keywords into the keyword field. I have to upload my photos on the app then manually go online to add the keywords.

It would be nice to be able to do that all on the app. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Description Contributor by Getty Images makes it easy for creative photographers to apply to become contributors, submit images, access briefs and more for Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images.

Apr 4, Version 5. A new category for our isolated Contributors. Briefs to do at home! Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Getty Images Inc. Size Compatibility Requires iOS Price Free. App Support License Agreement.Are you a photographer that has captivating images that you'd like to share? Getty Images is a website that shares and sells high-end resolution photographs.

If you are interested in sending your photos to Getty Images, keep in mind that Getty Images is mainly looking for images with a concept. Go to the Getty Images website see Resources. Scroll over the "Resources" tab, and click on the "Submit Your Work" option under the Community heading.

Click on the "Your Images" link in "Work with Us" text box on the top-left hand side of the website. Read through the information on what Getty Images looks for in submitted work.

Register with Getty Images by going to the bottom of the screen, and clicking on the linked option to register. After registering, you can review others' work, and see what kind of images Getty is looking for. You will then need to review that requirement, and take a short quiz. After you have passed the quiz, you can submit your work, and then you'll have to check back to see if it is accepted.

Need to cite a webpage? Download our chrome extension. How to Cite.

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The Rewrite. How to Get Your Book on Audible. How to Cancel Nook Subscriptions. How to Download Books From Gigapedia. How to Submit Images to Getty. Tip Review Getty Image's requirements and policies before taking the quiz or submitting images. Lindberg, Greg. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

References Getty Images. Resources License Information. About the Author. How to Transfer Ebooks to CD.Find our more in our Advocacy section. If you work with us, register your photographs with the US Copyright Office before you submit them, even if you reside in a nation other than the United States. Once you receive your certificate, keep it for your records.

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Then send your registration information or copies of the certificates to copyright gettyimages. The date of your copyright registration will be the date the submission is received in the US Copyright Office.

It is easier for us to pursue copyright infringements in the US when copyrights are registered. Creativity comes in many forms.

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You may create a work from scratch, or you may find another work so inspiring that you wish to build from it. In that case, you will need to purchase an image license for the original work to use it as a reference and you will not be able to copyright your derivative work, because it is not entirely yours.

The Internet is a big place, but tools exist to help you keep track of your creative works. For example, PicScout allows anyone to see who has the rights to an image found on the Web.

Photographers can use PicScout to confirm that information about your creative work is up to date. Another handy tool is TinEye, a reverse image search engine that shows where images have been published on the Web. We support all types of bloggers, and we offer a variety of digital images to connect and engage with your audience. When it comes to supporting nonprofits, we go out of our way to help communicate your value to society. Through the use of images, you can illustrate a concept, prove a point or inspire others to make their own works.

Copyright law allows for creative expression in the classroom, and understanding that law can make it easier to share your ideas. When it comes to copyright, librarians are your secret weapons. They must stay current with all aspects of copyright as part of their job, especially as the Web transforms how content is made and shared. Whenever you use an image in the classroom or in a paper, it is best to cite the source of the image so that the creator receives credit for his or her work.

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If you can track down the source of the image, ask the source how the image should be cited. If you cannot find the source, follow proper citation methods for academic research. Of course, there are boundaries to fair use.

For example, a professor can use a still from a movie in a classroom but cannot publish that image in a book that may make a profit for her or for her publisher. Also keep in mind that, even if an image is used by somebody relying on the fair use limitation, it does not mean that any further use in another way by another person would also be regarded as fair use. Therefore, no matter where you discover an image for example, a free-to-access site such as a search engine, a newspaper site or a password-protected sitethe image will still be protected by copyright.

Any reuse of that image will require permission or the purchasing of a license unless the proposed use falls within one of the few existing limitations for fair use. In some countries outside the US, the limitation for fair use does not apply, although there may be similar, usually narrower, limitations. As a small business owner, you may decide to hand off design tasks to a freelancer or rely on templates. You should keep records of any images purchased on your behalf so you know the scope and expiration dates of each license.

Do you have the permission to license the copyrighted content? Do you have model and property releases for all of your imagery? Do you offer additional legal protection should a dispute arise? Does your company have an inspection process for identifying potentially risky properties, trademarks, etc?

Can you please describe the process? In general, no business is too small to be exempt from copyright law. Anytime you want to use an image, you will need to obtain the correct usage rights, keep good records of any licenses that you purchase and renew the licenses when they expire. Since you are a commercial entity, this advice applies to both your website and to your social media presence, including blogs or social media platform pages, such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other similar platform.

Once you have the information you need, contact the image creator directly and negotiate a licensing agreement. For your own legal protection, make sure that any license you obtain has the necessary model and property releases if the images include people or items that are not public property.

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